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FROM TIME TO TIME I put words on this page that I think may be of some help and/or comfort to those reading my website. I hope you enjoy . . .

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Blessings, Love and Light to you ALL . . . . .

Today watching Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant on Super Soul Sunday tv programme and she reminded me of a Marianne Williamson Morning Prayer ... I thought you might like it for yourself.

A Gift...

Excerpt of My Morning Prayer Ritual ~ (taken from "Meditations for a Miraculous Life" CD by Marianne Williamson)

This is the day that the Lord hath made... And I pray...

May I become the person God would have me be.

That I may do what God would have me do.

Dear God, Where would you have me go,

What would you have me do,

What would you have me say and to who?

On this day and everyday,

May the Light of God now pour forth upon me,

Through every aspect & cell of my being,

that I may be Light unto Others.

May where I walk & where I stand today be Holy Ground.

May every encounter...be a Holy Encounter.

I salute with Love everyone I will meet today.

Everyone I know and everyone I do not yet know.

I pour forth Light in front of me,

Into every situation and every circumstance I will experience.

On this day,

May I be a servant of God,

A teacher of God,

A minister of God,

Giving that which I wish to receive,

Loving as I wish to be Loved,

A natural conduit for the miracles of God,

As I open my Heart to receive them,

And to give them to others as well.

And thus my my day be blessed.

May I be blessed that I might be a blessing unto others.

Every situation shall be a lesson for for me,

And for those with whom I am in contact.

May I be my more Loving Self,

Teach me, God, how to Bless and no longer blame,

To Forgive and no longer judge,

To receive,

To Be at Peace,

To be a Channel for your Love,

May myself, may this world,

May all living things be Blessed this precious day.

I send the Love and the Blessing and the Healing of God

To all war torn regions of this world,

For those who are hungry, may they be fed,

For those who are sick, may they be healed,

For those who suffer, Dear God, comfort them,

To those who are unjustly treated, Help Dear God,

And use me as your vessel that I might help You help them.

Give Meaning to my Life,

Health to my Body,

And Graciousness to my Heart,

On this day and everyday,

May Your Will be Done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven,

For me and for all humankind. Amen.

Experience God's love and no obstruction will prevent you from doing anything.


I have recently had some time unable to do what I normally do because of illness. Amongst other things I have not been able to be on the computer and on my website, updating and being in touch with you who come and read 'Inspirational Words'.

I have spent the past 4 months 'sitting' therefore being able to look at myself, and what was happening in and around me but most importantly, 'reflecting inwards'.

Not surprisingly, I today received some words that sum up exactly what my view is about illness.

Illness is a chance to teach the mind to remain independent of physical circumstances and thus to connect to our inner resources.

If you like these words, the website is 'Thought for Today' from 'Inner Space'. You can sign up on their website, to receive these daily words. http://www.innerspace.org.uk.

Here are some more of Inner Space words - Enjoy!

Just Be It

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Well, now that you've grown up, what do you want to be?

Adaptable, energetic, calm, effective, generous, happy, there are endless qualities and abilities that we can still develop.

Each day is a new day to decide what you want to be. And then just be it.

September 2012

"Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that is the one that is going to require the most from you." ~ Caroline Myss

"You are afraid of your own empowerment as much as those around you are of you becoming empowered." ~ Caroline Myss

Sadly, our nephew Stanley passed to Spirit a few weeks back. He was such a happy smiling boy throughout the 18mths of his short life. God bless, Stanley - we love you. Forever in our thoughts.

June 2012 Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy – you're right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body --- Abraham

April 2012

"Whenever you become empowered, you will be tested." ~ Caroline Myss

The Soul always knows what to do to Heal itself.

The challenge is, to silence the Mind. ~ Caroline Myss

April 2012

If you examine your history, you cannot help but repeat it! Law of Attraction says it is so: "Whatever I am looking at, I am including in my vibration." --- Abraham

When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. Reach for the thought that feels better, And allow the natural Well-Being that is yours. --- Abraham

"The lesson which life constantly repeats is to 'look under your feet'.

You are always nearer to the divine and the true sources of your power than you think.

The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive.

The great opportunity is where you are.

Do not despise your own place and hour.

Every place is under the stars.

Every place is the center of the world."

― John Burroughs, Studies in Nature and Literature

December 2011
When I retreat into the inner sanctuary of the soul and experience inner peace, then I can hear the voice of my own wisdom.

When I can recognise my good qualities as well as my shortcomings with neutrality, I can start to appreciate myself; then self-respect will grow.

On a personal note, our niece and her husband had a baby son born in January 2011, and this is their story. Thanks to those of you who have sent healing over the past months.

2011 OctoberOur Stanley is doing so well. His daddy is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 9, 2011 for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.

This is the story ... Our son Stanley was born in January with a rare and serious heart defect. Two days after he was born he was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital where he underwent a 6 hour surgery. The surgery at the time was successful and we were able to get Stan home. Unfortunately over the next few months Stan started to suffer breathing problems and one night became very ill. He was transferred back to GOSH in May and underwent his second open heart surgery to alleviate the breathing problems. The surgery was a success and after 3 weeks in intensive care Stan is currently at home and doing very well.

While a very scary time for us and our families we knew we were in the best place possible. On a daily basis the the nurses, doctors and surgeons do amazing life saving work. We have experienced it twice and as Stan will need further surgeries in the future we will experience it again. Overall Stan has spent a total of 6 weeks in the cardiac intensive care unit and on the cardiac ward and during all that time Deb and I have been put into the family accomodation which is generously supplied by the GOSH charity. This takes all the pressure off of where to stay and allowed us to be within a couple minutes of Stan.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity needs to raise over £50 million each year to make sure the hospital remains the world-class pioneering institution it is today. Support from fundraising events like this helps them to buy vital equipment, fund pioneering research and most importantly rebuild and refurbish some of their hospital site. This redevelopment will allow them to replace inconvenient, cramped outdated wards with new facilities where parents can sleep alongside their child and will mean that children have more space in which to get well.

October 2011

No matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is Law. It can be no other way. It's the way this Universe is established. If you want it and you relax, it will happen. --- Abraham

October 2011

A Mantra for the New Age and for all Humanity

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men-

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

September 2011

I Have Complete Control Over My Own Thoughts... You can find yourself in an endless loop where you explain that you feel negative because of the negative behavior of someone else. But if, instead, you take control of your own emotions and you think an improved thought because it feels better to do so, you will discover that no matter how the negative trend got started, you can turn it around. You have no real control of what anyone else is doing with their Vibration (or with their actions, for that matter), but you have complete control over your own thoughts, Vibrations, emotions, and point of attraction. --- Abraham

2011 February.

''We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience''

The Thoughts I Think Determine the Relationship I Attract... You are the thinking, Vibrating attractor of your experience; and the thoughts you think determine everything about the life that you live. As you turn your attention toward the positive aspects of the personalities and behaviors of others with whom you share your planet, you will train your point of attraction in the direction of only what you desire. Not only does the power of your thought determine which people make their way into your life, but the power of your thought determines how they behave once they get there. --- Abraham

2011 February 21st. Thank you everyone who has sent healing prayers to Stanley and family ..... He is still progressing well, now having home visits for a few hours .... ALL IS WELL. God bless you All. Dianne x

2011 January 31st.. Stanley is continuing to thrive. He is out of Intensive Care. He had a couple of setbacks but is progressing well now. Starting to learn to feed by himself along with the help of tube feeding. Thank you for your continued prayers... keep them coming please.

2011 January 10th. Update on baby Stanley ..... Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Stanley's operation went well and the surgeons are pleased with his progress. Please continue to hold Stanley in your prayers.

I know Christmas has gone, but today, 12 January 2011 I received from a friend, the following poem from a soldier and I thought it should be read by as many people as possible, so thought I wouldn't wait till next Christmas, I would share it with your today.























This poem was written by a Peacekeeping soldier stationed overseas. The following is his request. I think it is reasonable

PLEASE. Would you do me the kind favour of sending this to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to all of the service men and women for our being able to celebrate these festivities. Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us. Please, do your small part to plant this small seed.

January 2011 - Happy New Year Our family has been blessed with a new baby named Stanley. He has been born with a congenital heart defect and has been transferred to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for major heart surgery on Monday 10 January 2011. I felt guided to place the following words on the 'Inspirational Words' page. I have long ago shown these words on this page, but today I felt it was appropriate to bring them to the top slot, so that myself and others may read them and REMEMBER where we come from. If you feel you would like to, please hold Stanley and his mummy and daddy in your prayers. Blessings to you and your Angel.

A newborn baby's conversation with God

A baby asked God, 'They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?'

God said, 'Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you.'

The child further inquired, 'But tell me, here in heaven I don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy.'

God said, 'Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your angel's love and be very happy.'

Again the child asked, 'And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?'

God said, 'Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak.' 'And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?'

God said, 'Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.'

'Who will protect me?'

God said, 'Your angel will defend you even if it means risking its life.'

'But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.'

God said, 'Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you.'

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, 'God, if I am to leave now, please tell me my angel's name.'

God said, 'You will simply call her, 'Mummy.'

Lift a mother's spirit, send this to every mother you know (no matter how old her child is)

October 2010

Let others vibrate as they vibrate and want the best for them. Never mind how they're flowing to you. You concentrate on how you're flowing. Because one who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful, more influential than a million who are not. --- Abraham

March 2010

It's not your work to make anything happen. It's your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That's the promise of Law of Attraction.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Larkspur, CA on Sunday, August 16th, 1998 #373

October 2009

May the warmth of the sun always shine on you,

may you be surrounded by love and may the pure light of inspiration forever guide you on your path.

Celtic blessing

October 2009

When you withdraw your attention from those things that are not pleasing, and you put your

attention upon those things that are pleasing, those pleasing things begin to become more

abundant, and those not-pleasing things become more rare. Until, eventually, those not-pleasing

things cannot be part of your experience because you will have eliminated your attraction factor

from your vibration... What you think and what you get always matches.


September 2009

I have been clutter clearing in my office and I have come across these words which were given to me by a friend many, many years ago. It was attributed to Nelson Mandela but I have since found out that it was in fact written by Marianne Williamson who wrote the book Return to Love. I am showing this verse so that you may be inspired and walk forward in your life with new and/or renewed understanding.

In fact if you look at the very first verse that I put on this page it is a verse 'On the Fear of Excellence' by Marianne Williamson. Wording is slightly different in places,a and there is an extra line.

For some reason the words have come back into my life for me to embrace and others to read also. Oh, how the Universe works is a Wonder to Behold.

Our Deepest Fear By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness

That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small

Does not serve the world.

There's nothing enlightened about shrinking

So that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,

As children do.

We were born to make manifest

The glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us;

It's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,

We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we're liberated from our own fear,

Our presence automatically liberates others.

Since putting this verse on my site I have received contact from people who found these words to be helpful at this specific time. It is always wonderful to get feedback, so thank you and long may you continue to visit my website where I hope you can find some words of comfort and joy, and maybe words to inspire.

love and light to you as you make your way on your journey, and remember .... It is not the end result that is the most important, it is the journey itself, so enjoy and learn from everything you experience.

Carolyn Evers has brought forth the message from Jeshua and Mother Mary. May these help you to awaken and begin to prepare in earnest for the end of 2012.

This is to introduce messages from Jeshua and Mother Mary regarding the date we know as 9:9:9, September the 9th, 2009.

Many know this is a powerful date.

What follows is another perspective on this date, placing it within the context of Ascension at the end of 2012, with a focus on the individual journey, the personal journey we each need to take over the next 3 and a bit years.

“It is a momentous moment”, words used by both Jeshua and Mother Mary. Below are some selected segments from their messages.


This is a date of great significance, a day of great power, a date of transformation and an important step in the preparation for the events awaiting humanity at the end of 2012 and beyond. It is the date upon which a new level of consciousness is awakened on the planet. As I know you are aware, it is the date upon which some of the key crystals that were active in the time of Atlantis are being reactivated. It is the awakening of the crystalline consciousness upon the planet...

...these crystals are not simply reawakening to their capability that they possessed in the time of Atlantis...

...they are awakening to support the new consciousness which is emerging and will emerge in its fullest expression with those events beginning with that December 2012 solstice...

...the powers that humanity will have will be much greater – much more aligned with the powers that our Creator has given us...

... the energies of creation that came to the planet through the eclipse of August 6th, 2009 enabled all of humanity, once they understand how to use them, to create at will within their own reality, provided that creation is consistent with the love of the individual for themselves, for others and for their Creator and provided they are in alignment with the will of Father God for this planet. And I have to tell you, my friends, that is a very broad agenda...

...it does not allow... ...endeavours to be pursued which are at the expense of others, or in any way seek to dominate or control others. Such approaches will simply no longer work on this planet and because of that, you will begin to see quite quickly the exposure of many of those practices, most of which have been hidden, both in this time and the past, and all of that will come forth, so humanity knows what has been done...

...we will also see coming forth the truths of the light, the spiritual truths, the spiritual powers that are in truth available to any who choose to understand and master them and do the preparatory work that is required. They are there for everyone, but they have been hidden, they have long been hidden. They have been carried upon the planet by particular individuals from before the fall in Atlantis right through till the present time. They have been held by what you call secret societies, many of them have been not ever written down to ensure they could not be misused...

...this is a momentous moment. It is truly the moment in which the energies of the new creation, if you will, are being activated, being made available to really support the preparation work that is necessary between now and the end of 2012. And much needs to be done...

...everybody needs to understand they need to choose whether they acknowledge their Creator or whether they do not...

...they need to begin to clear all of the past karmic negative energies from the many past lives you have all had on this planet...

...it is has been a path that you have all chosen... ...everyone needs to own that truth...

...there are some massive changes that await you in the coming months and years...

...the planet needs to clear itself, to prepare itself...

...everyone has come into this life with a plan to bring forth all of their past life karmic patterns...

...you all need to perfect your life...

...even so-called incurable diseases are reflections of these underlying patterns...

...you will rejuvenate your physical bodies...

...the enormous amount of change that awaits you in the coming months and years...

...reality as you perceive it is about to be shattered...

...life as you perceive it will cease to exist...

...stop focussing on looking for others to save you, like beings coming from other planets or some financial saviour appearing. All of that has little to do with what awaits you. This is a journey of personal mastery; personal mastery over your own reality...

Mother Mary

This is a momentous moment because of the kind of energy that has come, the doorway that has opened and the opportunity that comes forth....

....God has decided that there will be great changes with this date that you know of as 9:9:9. Great changes, because what you have known as the status quo will change....

...the way life has appeared to be static on your planet, with the innocent being taken advantage of and those in the power and control that we might call the dark have always had its way, so it seems. They’ve been given a moment in time that is drawing to an end...

... God’s focus is upon you and upon your planet, is upon your history, upon what has evolved upon your planet. It is as if God is looking at everything that has occurred and is looking at it, searching through it with what you might call a fine-toothed comb. Changes will be so vast and this is a giant marker on the road to the biggest change that you have seen on this planet; what we are calling 2012.

I hope you feel the solemnity in my message because, my friends, this is a sacred moment. Its solemnity and grace is not given to you every day. God peers within your soul and knows who you are and hopes that all of you, all of you come home. There will be decisions to be made and God knows that all of the souls will not make the decision that he was hoping for. His arms are wide for the embrace of everyone. He desires this...

...this, my friends, will be one of the last opportunities that you will have to answer his call...

I trust these notes give you a glimpse of what has been shared with us. I have brought forth Jeshua’s message and Carolyn Evers has brought forth the message from Mother Mary. May these help you to awaken and begin to prepare in earnest for the end of 2012.

To access this recording, go to www.the2012countdown.com and register for updates at the bottom of any page on that site.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser
Cosmic Connections



A lecturer when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked ......... "How heavy is this glass of water?"

Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500g.

The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long you try to hold it. "

If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem.
If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm.
If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance.

In each case, it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes."

He continued,
And that's the way it is with stress management.

If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on.
As with the glass of water,
You have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again.
When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden.

So, before you return home tonight, put the burden of work down.
Don't carry it home.
You can pick it up tomorrow.
Whatever burdens you're carrying now,
Let them down for a moment if you can.

So, my friend, put down anything that may be a burden to you right now.
Don't pick it up again until after you've rested a while.

Here are some great ways of dealing with the burdens of life:

Accept that some days you're the pigeon, And some days you're the statue.

Always keep your words soft and sweet, Just in case you have to eat them.

Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.

If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

If you lend someone £20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others.

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time because then you won't have a leg to stand on.

Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.

The second mouse gets the cheese.

When everything's coming your way, You're in the wrong lane.

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

You may be only one person in the world, But you may also be the world to one person.

We could learn a lot from crayons... Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

Have a wonderful day and know that someone has thought about you today...I did.

Every single person on the planet and every single Consciousness in the Universe has the same experience of being here and having a desire to be there. In other words, it is the promise of this eternal Universe. You are always, always, always going to be on your way to something more,always. And when you relax and accept that, and stop beating up on yourself for not being someplace that you are not, and instead, start embracing where you are while you keep your eye on where you are going,now life becomes really, really, really fun.

Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Saturday, October 25th, 2003

Our Love, Jerry and Esther

posted March 2009

When you find vibrational alignment with You, you personally thrive. You feel good; you look good; you have stamina; you have energy; you have balance; you have clarity; you have wit; you have abundance of all things that you consider to be good. You thrive in all ways when you come into Energy Balance with You. Vibrational Relativity–that's what it's all about.

Excerpted from a workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, May 1st, 2005. Abraham-Hicks.

December 2008

This is always true: What I think and how I feel, and what manifests, is always a vibrational match. But here's the big kicker: What manifests isn't manifesting instantaneously. So, you've got all this buffer of time leeway that makes you sloppy... If you thought a negative thought and a brick would instantly fall on your head every time, you'd clean up your thinking. But you're not here to be punished about your thinking. You're here to use your thinking–and your focus–to create.

October 2008

Excerpted from a workshop in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 7th, 2005. Abraham-Hicks.

Some words from Abraham Hicks

Leverage your time more by spending a little more time every day imagining and a lot less time every day doing. Do a little more imagining and a little more less doing. Until eventually most of what's happening is happening in the cool, calm, anticipatory state. Just imagine yourself into the successes, and watch what happens. Imagine a little more and act a little less.

Excerpted from a workshop in Dallas, TX on Saturday, January 24th, 1998

"Do I have a responsibility to make the whole world beat to my drum?" No, nor could you. You beat your drum, and the Universe will respond to the drum that you are beating. There are as many different worlds being lived by as many different perceivers of the world as there are perceivers of the worlds.

Excerpted from a workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, March 19th, 2005

All Is Well

Good day my beloved hearts, What are you not achieving at this point? You have brought this entire planet beyond a point of infinite collapse. You have done this many times. I want to share a bit more about the impact of your higher light on what was once a very physical planet. You are manifesting grids of light through your auric fields that are shifting the energy patterns of the planet into the new paradigm. Your beloved Mother is in the process of fulfilling her ascension into the light you will witness fruition to this infinite transition around the end of this month. We have spoken endlessly of deadlines in the past that did not appear as you had not done the ground work that could facilitate such a shift. The difference this time is that you have and victoriously so. Mother Earth now graduates the dimensions and realities to settle once and for all into her higher light form. Once this divine process is complete you will experience having stepped into an entirely new world. There will be new colours and patterns in Earth’s sky. If you have ever seen the city of Coruscant in your popular film Star Wars, know that Earth’s cities will have transformed into this a year from now. A year from now the planet has more than shifted forever and peace reigns supreme. Gone are factions that wish to manipulate. The silence is the order of the day and of course the stillness that is the very essence of the new planet. You will be glad to know that all of you are creating such a field of high intentions, prayers and blessings that it is shifting the theme of ascension into an incredibly beautiful vigil.

You have the entire focus of creation on your shores at this time. Succession into a new experience is actively manifesting as all the unrest is returned to the Source. As Ashtar said to Mark a day ago, anything can be transformed and this is already been proven. In the past day Mother has already donned her new cloak of many colours in the higher forms of her vehicle. You will reach this place consciously in a matter of Earth weeks now. All sense of time will fall away as you hit the ninth dimension on a conscious level. This is the point where all is transformed forever. You are well on course my beloved friends. There are so many friends that desire your release into a new world that it is constantly accelerating the process for one and all now. The impact you are collectively having on the entirety of creation could never be put in words and I say this very matter of factly. We will meet soon my dearest friends and hearts. I now turn you over to Ashtar. He does have quite a following I have to admit. I must ask him how he does this and of course the ultimate question is will he ever divulge this information?
(Much laughter.)
I am your fond servant and eternal guide,

Ah yes, thank you brother. (Laughter continues.) How to follow such an inspiring address. I might be getting a few tips from you myself before long. Anyway to the order of the day and this is your active participation in a very exciting passage that is now reaching its fruition. I know the excitement that courses through your entire being as you read these words. Yes! You have really done it. This is the time of transcending worlds that are already growing into a new purpose and design and daresay I am witnessing that many of you already more than witness the new world. I am more than aware that the physical feels to be especially dense at this time. I am rather optimistic as to the nature of your passage as it is rather smoother than yesterday may have boded. It appears that prayers have been reaching the ethers all day long.

All day we have been receiving petitions to transform your physical cities into highways and beacons of light and hope. We freely witness the pain and despair of humanity. Suffering is no longer the agenda of the day. The agenda at hand now is actively practicing our magnificence and to feel this essence continuously transforming us forever. This is indeed now the order of the day. I am aware that we are presenting you with many dates and timelines for your shift. You have now done the work where such a shift could take place with such success although the passage truly appears anything but pleasant. But the truth must be known, you are taking an entirety of transmuting consciousness and removing the barrier that appears as an illusionary veil and restoring the entirety of humanity to the highest levels of human consciousness.

You are all doing this my beloved friends. This is an act of service that goes far beyond your agreed contracts. It is the ceaseless desire for service that you are awakening to more and more all the time now that is cementing the speed and definition of your planetary change and of course your glorious return home to the realms of all infinite light. Soon you are to witness banquets forever prepared in your honour. In a very solemn way while being joyous all at once we are celebrating your glorious return and all the obstacles that you have overcome through your surrendering to the plan of light that transforms all forever under it’s influence. There is little to say at this point other than you literally are rocketing home now. The speed, we have an interesting time keeping up with all this change! I will speak more in the coming days. Keep your wits about you my dear ones. You are changing in a way that changes your entire perspective on all levels of the cosmos, in creation and not only from an earthly perspective. Adonai, I am a huge fan of you all and indeed I always have been.
Your servant and guide,


Ashtar on the advancement of planet Earth.
(27th February, 2007.)

Greetings once more my friends. I promised I would speak again soon. It is in my heart to share more with you about the gravity of the changes that affect you all at this time. The winds of direct change have never blown stronger on your world than at this time. I also have been guiding Mark to allow me to speak on the incredible work he has been doing. Mark was initially awoken when the bowels of the Earth began to shift and this is when I began to move through his energy urging him to begin his planetary work. You know the year and the month well! Indeed it was in April of 1999 Earth time that Mother Earth let it be known that she was officially beginning her advent into the celestial realms of light and to anchor the higher planes for the advancement of so many.

You have long been aware that the evolution of planet Earth directly affects and influences the development of countless other worlds and systems. You beloved hearts are way showers and guides to many other worlds of light that have ascended because of your ceaseless guidance. Many of these worlds were in the dire straits that you were in for so long. They have moved directly into the sphere of light beyond the control systems that influenced their worlds for as long as the Illuminati have been toying with your hopes and dreams. You have well known that your inner desire for change and growth has always outshone the most heinous of their machinations. As I have said countless times in the past you are making the seemingly impossible possible. The surface changes of your world are at an all time high. The Source is pulling all into its sway with its incredible radiance.

World structures are beginning to cave in at the seams as humanity become more aware and the desire for internal change becomes the order of the day. The structures will continue to lose sway as the Source residing at the centre of your world continues to transform you from the inside out. Your world’s governments are now in the final processes of change. We have been appearing to them daily informing them of our plans. We are now in the driver’s seat my beloved friends because of the direct invitation of so many hearts to directly become a part of your affairs. You will the struggle begin to fall away over the coming days and weeks and radiance will begin to move through your hearts and your world. Mother Earth is steadily building her light body at this time and it is precisely at this time that the very changes that free your consciousness once and for all are also taking shape.

Mark entered the Source for a meeting this morning and formulated a master plan. I am about to share with you what this is and how it is coming about. It is already being completely victorious and we can even now see the solution to all your problems or maladies beginning to take shape in the ethers. These are filtering into your direct physical Earth affairs already. Now the real key to the profundity of the changes you are experiencing is the Source entering the planet. Nothing can withstand it’s influence. The time is at hand. Humanity are ready to accept the impossible and directly move home. It all happens on the surface because of the inner work that has been happening all this time. So you begin to see the gravity of the plan that the Source has put in place and what you have all agreed and concurred upon in your hearts and from the places of light.

The Master plan is quite simple. We could forecast your change at this point. If you were to imagine that your new world will be fully instituted over the coming month to two months. It is all in the shifting of the mass consciousness and their internal and direct reactions to the intensity of the changes and codes flowing in from primal source. The master plan actually began days ago with the advent of a new crystal chakra system for the Earth that is an unfolding of Mother Earth’s new internal structures. This has been throwing weight of Mother’s chest by the new time and allows an infinity of light into the planet. Source is revealing more of the master plan to Mark all the time now. Just now he has been guided to place a grand crystal tetrahedron into the planetary structures for the advancement and guidance of all of humanity. This is quite a simple process as there are so many helpers at hand. You who read are also an innate part and vital component of the unfolding of all of the processes that I am imparting here.

The tetrahedron is the key to all the surface change. Prime Source in it’s fullness now guides the affairs of the planet. It is no longer up to your surface leaders even they are now acquiescing to the profundity and direct influence of the Great divine plan. Mark was also guided to create eighteen crystal ethereal palaces in the fifth dimension and higher that anchor all the higher realms into your consciousness and conscious experience. This is directly contributing to the intensity of the internal and surface changes. The radiance spoken about earlier in this message is already been felt in the earth and on the surface. You could almost say that you are in the midst of the changes and since all is consciousness know that consciousness guides forever the entire order of the day. Coming in the hours of today and well into tomorrow is the building of a new astral and energy bridge with all corridors of creation that consciously links you up to all dimensions and realities forever.

Not only will this send the planet Earth through the proverbial roof but it will lift the lid of the melting pot and provide the very key whereby humanity will awaken to an infinite degree. Crystal codes are being filtered from primal source constantly now to increase the vibrancy of the changes and shift you all at the speed of light. The New Earth is taking shape as we speak. The desired unified balance is taking shape on your planet all the time now. Humanity are aware of the intense waves of light and are responding to them in a variety of modes. You are all untouchable my friends and I so admire you all in how well you grow and how well you accept all the gifts that are being showered on you at this time. Your new earth and liberation is truly a done deal now. We surround your earth just as we move among you. I smile when I say that there is nothing to fear. All is well in hand and indeed it always has been. I will be in touch again soon and I say this soon with much certainty for I wish to keep you all well informed as to all changes that you are now experiencing. Adonai beloved friends.

I am your humble servant,

Clay Balls . . ..

A man was exploring caves by the seashore. In one of the caves he found a canvas bag with a bunch of hardened clay balls. It was like someone had rolled clay balls and left them out in the sun to bake.

They didn't look like much, but they intrigued the man, so he took the bag out of the cave with him. As he strolled along the beach, he would throw the clay balls one at a time out into the ocean as far as he could.

He thought little about it, until he dropped one of the clay balls and it cracked open on a rock. Inside was a beautiful, precious stone! Excited, the man started breaking open the remaining clay balls. Each contained a similar treasure. He found thousands of dollars worth of jewels in the 20 or so clay balls he had left. Then it struck him. He had been on the beach a long time. He had thrown maybe 50 or 60 of the clay balls with their hidden treasure into the ocean waves Instead of thousands of dollars in treasure, he could have taken home tens of thousands, but he had just thrown it away!

It's like that with people. We look at someone, maybe even ourselves, and we see the external clay vessel. It doesn't look good outside. It isn't always beautiful or sparkling, so we discount it.

We see that person as less important than someone more beautiful or stylish or well known or wealthy but we have not taken the time to find the treasure hidden inside that person.

There is a treasure in each and every one of us. If we take the time to get to know that person, and if we ask God to show us that person the way He sees them, then the clay begins to peel away and the brilliant gem begins to shine forth.

May we not come to the end of our lives and find out that we have thrown away a fortune in friendships because the gems were hidden in bits of clay. May we see the people in our world as God sees them. I am so blessed by the gems of friendship I have with each of you.

Thank you for looking beyond my clay vessel.

11 November 2006

Forever, physical humans are saying, "give me the truth, give me the truth." And we say, there are all kinds of truths. Choose the truths that serve you. Now, there are a lot of people that would feel great discomfort with that. But the thing that we want you to hear about it is: there is a truth of cancer, and there is a truth of wellness. Which truth serves you? You can activate either of them within you, and make it your truth. Truths are created; they aren't static. They aren't conditions that exist that then it is your obligation to identify and catalog. You are the creator of your truths--and what you are living is your truth. --- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Kansas City, MO on Saturday, June 1st, 2002

One day, there was a blind man sitting on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet and a sign that read: "I am blind, please help."

A creative publicist was walking by and stopped to observe. He saw that the blind man had only a few coins in his hat. He dropped in more coins and, without asking for permission, took the sign and rewrote it.

He returned the sign to the blind man and left. That afternoon the publicist returned to the blind man and noticed that his hat was full of bills and coins.

The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked if it was he who had rewritten his sign and wanted to know what he had written on it.

The publicist responded: "Nothing that was not true. I just wrote the message a little differently." He smiled and went on his way.

The new sign read: "Today is Spring and I cannot see it."

October 2006

Sometimes we need to change our strategy.

If we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we've always gotten.

On the fear of Excellence
Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant,
or gorgeous
or talented
or fabulous?
Actually, who are you NOT to be?
You are a child of God.
You playing small doesn't serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in every one of us.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear of our own excellence,
our presence automatically liberates others.
And excellence becomes the standard of all our lives.

From A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson