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Dianne Brannan
School of Universal Light

The School of Universal Light

Tel.No: 01953 602993

email: diannebrannan@gmail.com

Dianne is the Principal of SOUL,

The School Of Universal Light.

The teachings of SOUL provide an environment where you can learn a spiritual healing system along with other skills, that work with an individual's energy system to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

Training courses

I have for many years run a Healer Training Programme, but I am presently taking some time out for my own development and subsequent refinement of the Healer Training Course.

The book, The Secret is very popular at this present time, but did you know that the person who wrote the original words did so many, many years ago. I have read his words and find that they are on the lines of the teachings I believe in.

I will introduce you to this truly gifted man who will give you the insight into your abundant world. His name is Charles Haanel.

I quote some words from his book..... Know ye not that ye are the temple of the living God. Here then is the secret of the wonderful creative power of the World Within.

The teachings will have an effect on you and be careful because,

It could change your life!
Are you ready for this life changing experience?

Each workshop has a different content thereby creating a unique environment of support and healing. Step out of your 'space', come and join us on a journey of Healing, Transformation, MAGIC and Wonder.

Comments from previous students attending SOUL:

"Dianne has a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of healing, practical and spiritual, making the course interesting and beneficial". VH. Norwich

"The course has changed my life for the better"

"An opportunity to unravel the real me"

"Becoming a healer has helped me to help myself and others"

"A wonderful time of indulgence for me"

"I have taken this course before with Dianne and she continues to bring new understanding into her training courses - always there for us, and she shares all knowledge from her heart"