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1991 - 2016 - Celebrating 25 years of organising and holding the MIND BODY SOUL FAIRS in NORWICH, NORFOLK, UK.

We were one of the first people to organise these "new type" complementary health and healing fairs at the time. Nothing of this type was held in those early days. In fact there were not many people around who had even heard of Mind Body Spirit. We were looked on as "pretty strange" in those days. Our early days were called "Healing day" and they were held in October each year. In April of the previous year, Johnny Fincham was the other person to start the fairs. This was in 1990 and it was held in St Gregorys Church, Pottergate and he still holds the fairs in 2017 at The Forum with Naomi of Innana's Festival.

Below you will see the Dates of Fairs to be held at the

City Academy Norwich, Bluebell Road, Norwich, NR4 7LP. Near the UEA entrance.

7th & 8th October 2017

REFRESHMENTS - We will be welcoming back to the fair weekend, Phil Mitchell of Gaia's kitchen of Thetford.

Phil will be offering Vegetarian and Vegan food along with a variety of drinks.

At our last fair Phil provided us with some amazing food, which I know many people enjoyed - Thanks Phil, see you in October.

For those of you who have not visited us for a while ..... PLEASE NOTE .... Our fairs are NO longer held at the Hewett School ...... Our NEW VENUE IS:


I used to have a link here to Bing maps, but for some reason it is no longer working.... but if you type in the postcode yourself it does work, not sure why.

Here is a selection of the people who will be at the fair. More names will be added in the weeks up the fair.

Alexandra Oakes ~ International Psychic Medium

Maria Zagni ~ The Angelini with Angel figurines & Angelic products

Norfolk 4 Tibet ~ Tibetan items for Sale ~ Jewellery, silk purses/bags, Tibetan novelties, singing bowls etc. All profits to Tibetan charities.

Sandra Henden ~ Esoteric healing therapies

New Exhibitor Marion Hawes ~ Esoteric healing therapies

Michael Hardy ~ Avalon Psychic Medium ~ Card and Psychic readings

New Exhibitor Susanne Lakin ~ Optimum Health Balance

Gail Rollason ~ Crystal Clear ~ Crystal healing wands & jewellery

Kokopelli ~ Native American Indian products, Jewellery & Artefacts.

Spiritual Sapphire ~ Incense cones, Sticks, Oils & candles etc.

New Exhibitor Pauline Kelly ~ Power Animal Readings

Norwich Healing Centre ~ The Healing Trust

Norfolk Healers Association

Phil Mitchell of Gaia's Kitchen

New Exhibitor Dee McCall ~ Life Alignment

50p voucher - Discount off Admission cost.

Download and print the voucher which is on the link below.

The event is on my Facebook page. So why not become my 'friend' on Facebook and get up to date information online?

Bring the '50p Off Admission cost' Voucher along with you when you attend the fair.

One voucher per person, please.

ALTERNATIVELY..... You can also use your Smartphone to show the voucher to claim your discount.

If you don't have printing facilities to copy the discount voucher, the leaflets advertising the Mind, Body, Soul Fair/Exhibition with the 50p Discount Voucher can be obtained the month prior to the fair, from a few places in Norwich.......... so why not pop in to one of the following locations to collect your leaflet, and at the same time maybe have a snack at the food venue, lovely food, so definitely worth a visit.


I would like to say Thank you to these people for displaying our leaflets in the past, as well as for future fairs. Hover over a name and you can go directly to their website.

Norwich Tourist Board at The Forum.

The Natural Food Store, 4 Exchange Street, Norwich opposite Jarrolds Store.

Complementary Health Care Clinic, 34 Exchange Street, Norwich

Neals Yard, St Gregorys Alley, Pottergate, Norwich.

Head in the Clouds, Pottergate, Norwich.

Angels Crystal Shop, Guildhall, Norwich.

Wild Thyme Vegetarian Cafe, Labour in Vain Yard, Norwich NR2 1JD - to be found in the heart of Norwich.


On Flickr.com you can also view the winning pictures of our Childrens' Drawing competitions which we have held over the past years.
View the winning pictures. Thanks to all the children who drew such beautiful pictures. Unfortunately we are no longer holding these drawing competitions.

Click on the photos below to take you to Flickr.com and then click on Dianne Brannan's photostream.


WORKSHOP LISTINGS AND TIMES will be shown closer to the weekend.

On the weekend of the fair, there will be a Notice detailing the Workshops and times. The workshop details can also be found in the Brochure which you will receive on entry to the fair at the Admission desk at the front of the Atrium.

The Workshops are of 50 minute duration unless otherwise indicated.

Some workshops have a cost to pay. Check in the brochure.

If you are unable to view the PDFs above you may need Adobe Reader. Please click on the logo below to download and install.

We are now in 2016 and celebrating 25 years of Terry and Dianne holding the fairs ............ We held our first fair named 'Healing Day' in 1991. Since those years have flown by, we have many people to say Thank you to ... too numerous to mention, but they know who they are. Also the Exhibitors, what fantastic people you are and some of you still around supporting our fairs .... Blessings to you ALL.

In 2011 we were celebrating 20 years of holding Mind Body Soul Fairs/Exhibitions. We had a fantastic turnout of visitors and exhibitors. Thanks to everyone for being with us and making the raffles a success.

HISTORY relating to the early days of the EXHIBITIONS.

The first exhibition was in 1991 and it was held in the October for one day at the Norwich City football Club in the Board Room. In 1991 we had 16 stands.

In 1995 we moved our event to The Hewett School and we now hold the exhibitions twice yearly, in March and October. We have progressed from those early days of 16 stands to over 60+ stands, attracting in past years 650+ visitors over the two days.

From October 2013 We moved to a new venue. The City Academy Norwich, 299 Bluebell Road, Norwich, NR4 7LP see above.

Exhibitions Archive

Click Exhibitions Archive to view details of previously held exhibitions and also to view the wonderful winning pictures from the Childrens Drawing competitions.