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DOWSING and SANJEEVINI. A self-help Vibrational medicine technique

A FREE One day workshop.
There is no charge for the course itself, as Sanjeevini is meant to be shared amongst the people. The cost of the course is for the comprehensive self-learning workbook.

(Learnt whilst staying in Sai Baba Ashram, India).

Part 1. Introduction to the remedies by dowsing.

Part 2. Using Sanjeevini Combinations.

The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis (generally known as Sanjeevinis) are highly focused healing prayers to heal different body parts and different diseases. Each Sanjeevini prayer is symbolically represented as a Sanjeevini Healing Card. At present there are 60 Body parts Sanjeevinis and 186 Diseases Sanjeevini.

The entire system is available in a comprehensive self-learning book which is available on the course day.

The book contains the SS Sanjeevini Healing Cards. During the course we will using dowsing to determine what remedies are needed to encourage a healing to take place. The course will furnish you with the knowledge to enable you to use these wonderful healing symbols.

The SS Sanjeevini Healing system is extremely simple, inexpensive and without any side effects whatsoever. Sanjeevinis will always help in a positive way as prayers always do.

The Sanjeevinis can be taken along with any other system of healing. Being immensely subtle balancing vibrations, Sanjeevinis enhance the healing process of every system of healing.

There is a charge for the workbook.

Cost: To be announced.

Course Dates:
Look at the Diary page for the up to date monthly meetings.